When it comes to industrial refrigeration, Uptime is anything but chill. From doughnut shops and fishing vessels, to temperature controlled warehouses and the local rink, our industrial refrigeration service installs, repairs, or offers preventative maintenance packages to help increase efficiency and decrease costs. And we do it better than anyone. How cool is that?

We provide:

  • Experience from the smallest to the largest systems
  • Expertise in ammonia (natural green refrigerant) refrigeration
  • Conversion of old Freon systems to newer, environmentally-friendly refrigerant
  • Refrigeration heat recovery systems for ammonia and Freon
  • Reduction of your energy consumption & carbon footprint
  • Refrigeration for fishing vessels and seafood processing i.e. live tanks and chillers
  • Industrial ice makers and artificial ice surfaces i.e. ice rinks
  • Building OEM units for laboratory testing facilities
  • New construction freezer/cooler builds
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